dimanche 13 février 2011

The Halloween Party ( oopsie the Grammys)

Are they out of there minds ? Where is the fashion police ? oohhh let me see Miss Kelly is there and she look like she is going to an Easter party...

Take a look at the looks :

Look at the Grammys

The big winners are the guys... ( for instance Mumford and sons), cute...

Miranda Lambert is wearing the Calvin Klein dress I wanted my mom to make me for my prom in 1998 (out of a pattern bought at Bouclair)...

It's the crisis in California and we can feel (see/wear) it !

2 commentaires:

  1. Have you seen Rihanna's red carpet dress made of old ragged Christmas ornaments?
    So wrong, it's offensive.

  2. HEE HEE we are on the same page, I commented on almost all outfits on yahoo ! ...my comment was '' Merry Christmas '' :)