jeudi 21 avril 2011

End Scene Productions: Crew? CHECK!

End Scene Productions: Crew? CHECK!: "Yahoo! We are fully Crewed Up for MAINTENANCE! Welcome Jeremy Childers, Sound; Frankie Saint-Pierre, Set Design; Beau Spenser, Light Tech. Y..."

mercredi 20 avril 2011

(sugar) Overdose

While one half of Popcorn Unicorn was getting her groove on at Coachella this weekend (sooo jealous), I, the other half, travelled to an equally glamorous (I wish)destination set in a pastoral setting: the Sugar Shack.

For our international readers, here's an instructional video on what this Québec tradition is all about. It's actually not too far from reality, taking aside the pet wolf and the crazy Santa-lookalike lumberjack. In a nutshell, we, Québécois, pretty much drive down to the muddy forest once a year to feast on a gargantuan meal that includes a mix of the fattiest and sweetest dishes you can imagine.

Here's what my trip to the Sugar Shack involved.

Befriending 4-legged creatures.
Alive and deceased.

Toasting with Kool-Aid (delicious but incredibly ghetto).

Pigging out. Pea soup is my all-time favorite.

And since we, at Popcorn Unicorn, always travel in style, I've put together the perfect Sugar Shack look.

- Plaid shirts are a must.
- I've also included 2 pairs of boots on purpose. One set of Loeffler Randall rubber boots to walk in the mud and to ride on the carriage. One set of Opening Ceremony suede wedge booties to line dance.
- Finally, I've thrown in a compass on a chain to avoid getting lost after having wandered in the woods to drink maple water right from the bucket.

mardi 19 avril 2011

Hair Do or Don't ?

I know that the trend is not new but I am tempted to jump on the Ombré hair bandwagon.

Take at look at Drew, Alexa, Heidi, Whitney and LC...
I dare you to tell me that it's not the perfect hairstyle for the summer!

What do you think?
Should I take the plunge?

To be soon continued since my appointement with my colorist is tomorrow!

lundi 18 avril 2011

Coachella Oasis Party Goodiesss.... or Vaclaz Klaus dream party

I had the chance to attend this year again the Coachella Oasis Beach Party, paradise of the free goodies.

   Such a shame that the Czech president wasn't invited but still some celebrities were present (Paris, Bradley Coopers...) The crowd wasn't as good looking as last year ( my guy friends told me ) but there were lots of fun stuff going on. Dancing on the grass under a cloudless star sky is always exciting.

  We all enjoyed  the open bar all three days which was serving Red Bull ( and sugar free ;) ), as well as the new Hint water, sliders by STK, cotton candy, Larabar, Cabo Chips and some other popsicles to avoid sun stroke... and the most important of all, my favorite NO HO shots ( no hang over) which works wonderfully.

Here are some pics of all the goodies I got without even running to find some...

The  3 days ended on a good note with Roger Sanchez energy spinning:

It's fair to say that I just can't wait for next year :)

dimanche 17 avril 2011

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Triple axel double toe loop.

Is stage diving an Olympic sport yet? Because I've witnessed the flips of serious gold medal contestants last Friday at the Black Lips concert in Montreal.

The venue, Le National, was packed and the crowd eagerly awaited the return of the garage punk rockers to Montreal. Neither my friend or I had seen the Black Lips live before, so we didn't know what to expect...

Well I must say that I have not had so much much at a live show in a very long time. Of course, the Black Lips have catchy songs, and the quartet managed to maintain a high level of energy throughout the show (regardless of being visibly inebriated as my friend pointed out).

But the show really came from the crowd.
I had not seen that amount of stage diving in a really long time. There was constantly a random person climbing on stage to then jump in the crowd. Girls were throwing themselves at bandmembers... the bass player probably made out with 3 different girls in a span of 30 minutes! When the show came to an end, people (all grown adults) walked out of the mosh pit with black eyes and bruised faces...

Here's a short amateur video of moments from the show. Judge your yourselves.

We were also lucky to catch a glimpse of the touring reality, as we walked in front of the venue about 2 hours after the show ended. The 4 guys from the band and their crew were busy gathering their stuff and loading the van. We chatted a bit with a guy we assumed to be their tour manager who told us they had been on the road for 6 weeks and were playing in Connecticut next. It's a great reminder of how life on the road is not always glamourous : one minute, hundreds of people scream your name in unison and girls are theowing themselves at you, the other, you're carrying your own instruments and sound systems out of the venue and loading up an old van.

I'm definitely going back next time they come to town!

Also, some interesting sartorial learnings from that night:
- Don't walk around the Gay Village wearing a shirt that says "San Francisco" on it if you don't want to attract attention to you
- Carrying Vinyl records as an accessory = chick magnet

Photo credits: WeHeartIt for the lips, band's own website and for concert pics.

mercredi 13 avril 2011

Rooted in Tradition

I've always been fascinated by the symbolism used in different cultures.

I like how peoples use everyday objects or some components of the flora and fauna to represent mindsets that are meaningful to them or to reminisce about the events or the individuals who impacted their lives significantly. That explains why half of the electives that I took at Concordia while pursuing my Commerce degree were related to religious studies!

Hence, it's no surprise that I am naturally drawn to traditional tattoos.

I like the stories behind their symbolism, as well as the heritage that is associated with this form of body art. I also enjoy understanding where those symbols come from, as they were used over time by members of a subculture to express a particular lifestyle or state of mind inherent to that community.

Here's today's selection. All pictures from WeHeartIt

I <3 Nautical Themes.
So much.

Tattoos inspired by la Santa Muerte are also among my favourites.
I appreciate the dichotomy in their execution: bold colours and exuberant style opposed to macabre skulls and bones.

dimanche 10 avril 2011

MC in Wonderland

If you could create your very own imaginary world, what would it be?

Elgarboart Esty store offers a collection of photographs that truly depict how I would like my own surreal universe to look like.

The luminous landscapes and pastel colours convey an airy, light and soft atmosphere that really speaks to me.

I've always found carnival rides to be quite magical.

Americana-inspired architecture and pannels make me dream of escape, travel and fun.

Oh and Frankie, I did not forget you. There will also be beach activities in my Wonderland!

And here's the soundtrack to my fantasy world. I'm currently totally obsessed with this song! It fits with every frame above.

I think we got ourselves the first anthem to the Summer of '11!

UPDATE: OMG!!! just found out that they're playing at Club Lambi in Montreal on June 17th. I'm sooo going. Frankie, you should check them out at Coachella this weekend and give me a review in advance since they'll be there as well.

jeudi 7 avril 2011

Style Inspiration : Blondie

I had the idea for this new entry for Style Inspiration after a recent night out with my friends. We all started humming when this song came on.

So I imagined myself at an early 1980's exclusive party in NYC, hopeful to impress Debbie Harry with this outfit.

P.S. Just for you Anna :) xx