jeudi 17 mars 2011

I'm with the band

Vintage rock t-shirts have been such a consistent trend over the past few years that they have become a wardrobe staple.

However, being a true music lover, here are some rules to wearing them:

1. It's called VINTAGE. So any t-shirt from a band that has released its debut album within the past fifteen years (that is 1996) is out of consideration. I don't care how much of a musical genius you consider Jack White to be, the White Stripes have not reached vintage status yet even if they're done.

2. Don't be a poseur. You need to own at least one album AND/OR know the lyrics to several songs AND/OR can name band members AND/OR have seen the band live. In other ways, you need to be knowledgeable of the band whose t-shirt you're sporting.

3. I know you're a big fan and know "Bed of Roses" by heart but anything Bon Jovi related should only be worn as pajamas.

4. Grateful Dead t-shirts are allowed but only within Vermont borders. Unless you're a hippie.

5. Bonus points if your t-shirt is second hand. Big bonus if it's an extremely rare tour t-shirt that your cool uncle purchased at a New Order show in London in 1983 and has since handed it down to you because it's important to "keep it in the family".

6. Vintage rock tees should not be purchased at mass market retail chains. Sorry H&M. e-Bay is the equivalent of Ali Ba Ba's cavern for music memorabilia. If you don't like to shop online, support your local rock n' roll shop. Plus, who wants to sport the same shirt that everyone in town will be wearing because it was on sale at Urban Outfitters?

Here are a few of my top picks. All from eBay.

Debbie Harry. The baddest chick in the game.

No explanations required.

Never been much of an Axl fan. Duff and Slash were my favs.

I <3 this album cover so much.

I actually own that one. My favourite t-shirt, I could wear it everyday.


When two geniuses meet.

mercredi 16 mars 2011

The Jungle Book

Riccardo Tisci is on a roll.

We LOVED the dress worn by Cate Blanchett on Oscar night.
And now the newly appointed creative director at Dior comes up with AMAZINGNESS for his very last collection at Givenchy.

We at Popcorn Unicorn don't intend to discuss in great detail of what is happening at the main international fashion weeks. Other blogs are better at disseminating every look on the runway.

But this... this is just too good to overlook.

The collection is an eclectic mix of fabrics and patterns, but somehow, Mr. Tisci makes it work. I mean, how can you put together so many of my favourite things like 50's pin-ups, pencil skirts, Hawaii, BAGHEERA (ok, not really, but I had to put it in there to justify the title of this entry), black & yellow and sheer fabric.

Oh... and those cat-eared bomber hats are to die for!!

And while we're at it, talking about Bare Necessities...

If anyone has 30Gs to spare, you can feed my panther obsession with the best ring to have EVER been designed in my humble opinion. It dates back to 1914 and was designed by Louis Cartier.

I don't like to wear rings on my fingers but I would surely make an exception if I had this beauty in my jewellery box.

All runway pictures courtesy of
Panthère ring from Cartier.
Bagheera picture from the Disney animated classic "The Jungle Book".

mardi 8 mars 2011

Lise Watier Cosmétiques in Hollywood

Lise Watier Cosmétiques in Hollywood (voir la version française plus bas) 

Hollywood is a glamorous city to live in; because you never know what opportunities will present themselves. I use Lise Watier Cosmétiques product professionally or on set and in my everyday life.

Most of the actresses in Hollywood are obsessed with their lips. For a kiss-ready pout I carry PLUMPISSIMO LE GLOSS, an anti-aging gloss, and PLUMPISSIMO LA BASE. It really plumps your lips without any surgery. I love the new 3-in-1 Miracle primer; it is a corrector and a base, absolutely fantastic when you are having some skin redness or uneven skin tone. I was pretty glad when Lise Watier Cosmétiques came up with a high coverage 12 hours foundation!!! There is no way around a long-lasting foundation in the industry and 12 HRS GLAM FLAWLESS COMPLEXION coverage is fantastic! It moisturizes the skin as well, so no cakey look here! I also always carry the PORTFOLIO in my kit. It’s the best cover up for tattoo so imagine what it can do to under eye circles! It is truly exceptional on pictures. It reflects the light amazingly! Last but not least, the anti-wrinkle eyelid primer helps the smokey eyes you just applied to stay in place!

Living under the sun doesn’t mean you are tanning all day long. But you still need to be ready for all those pool parties. Lise Watier Cosmétiques has a lot of good products for you to look like you spend all your day at the beach.
Here are my best bets for a healthy sun kissed glow. I always start the day with RÉSIST-ÂGE Fine Lines ILLUMINATING & DE-PUFFING SPECIFIC EYE ROLL-ON. Whatever little sleep you get it will erase all signs of tiredness. I do apply sun protection every day with SUN SMART Universal UV Shield SPF 30 and illuminate my tint with the complexion enhancer in abricot. I frequently get compliment on it. To keep a tan without the risk of exposing myself to sun damage, I use TEINT BORA BORA SELF-TANNING FACE CREME on my body and a little bit of HAVANA BRONZING POWDER on my face. I finished up with 24 HRS GLAM MASCARA in black, which won’t smudge after a splash in the pool.  Finally, if you girls want to look amazing for years to come, the last step is to take all this makeup off before going to sleep. I keep a pack of SOLUTION EXPRESS ONE-STEP CLEANSING CLOTHS on my bed stand. The cucumber, green tea extract and chamomile are a perfect combination to sleep tight and be ready for another day in paradise.


After using the Portolio

Lise Watier Cosmétiques à Hollywood

Hollywood est une des villes les plus glamours. Il est essentiel de toujours être à son meilleur pour s’assurer de saisir les opportunités qui se présentent. J’utilise les produits Lise Watier Cosmétiques tous les jours dans ma vie personnelle et professionnelle (en tant que maquilleuse).

La plupart des actrices veulent des lèvres bien pulpeuses. Pour se faire, j’utilise PLUMPISSIMO LA BASE et PLUMPISSIMO LE GLOSS. Les lèvres deviennent volumineuses automatiquement. J’adore la nouvelle BASE MIRACLE 3-en-1. Elle permet de se débarrasser des rougeurs et rend la peau uniforme. J’étais bien contente de voir le nouveau fonds de teint haute couvrance TEINT PARFAIT 12 HRS GLAM. De plus, il hydrate bien la peau. J’ai toujours un PORTFOLIO dans ma trousse de maquillage. Il arrive à couvrir les tatous sans problème, donc imaginez ce qu’il peut faire à vos cernes ! Il renvoie la lumière de façon exceptionnelle ! Le dernier mais non le moindre, la BASE MAQUILLAGE PAUPIERES ANTI-RIDES qui fait en sorte que ce superbe smokey eye tiendra en place toute la journée.

Lise Watier Cosmétiques offre de très bons produits pour s’assurer d’avoir un bronzage impeccable pour tous ces « party » piscine et après-midi à la plage. Voici mes astuces beauté pour avoir un teint estival toute l’année. Tous les matins j’applique le RÉSIST-ÂGE Premières rides ROLL-ON ILLUMINATEUR LISSANT SPÉCIFIQUE YEUX. Il aide à drainer la fatigue et illumine le regard. J’applique ensuite le SUN SMART Écran UV universel FPS 30 et j’illumine ma peau avec l’embellisseur de teint couleur Abricot. Je garde une peau bronzée avec le TEINT BORA BORA GEL AUTOBRONZANT et une touche de HAVANA POUDRE BRONZANTE sur mes joues. Une touche de 24 HRS GLAM MASCARA et je suis prête pour un plongeon ! Finalement je garde toujours des SOLUTION EXPRESS LINGETTES DÉMAQUILLANTES sur ma table de chevet. L’odeur de la camomille et la fraicheur du concombre m’assurent une bonne nuit et une peau qui sera prête pour une autre journée au paradis. 

dimanche 6 mars 2011

Style Inspiration: Janelle Monae

You may have discovered Janelle Monae recently during this year's Grammys when she gave a sizzling performance following Bruno Mars and B.o.B.

You surely have already heard her contagious hit "Tightrope" if only as the soundtrack of those ubiquitous Chevrolet Cruz Ads from last fall in Canada.

One of the most original, inspiring and fresh artists to have emerged on the music scene last year, Janelle Monae is here to stay. The Big Boy protegée has been able to break from the pack with her funky futuristic soulful album, "The Archandroid", an ambitious sci-fi inspired affair that lives up to its hype.

Ms. Monae pairs her talent as a vocalist and performer with a androgyniously sophisticated sense of style that balanced retro rockabilly and feminine accents.
This first edition of the "Style Inspiration" column from this blog is directly inspired by Janelle's gamine meets post-war era meets black tie affair style.

I'm leaving you with the video for Cold War, one of my favorite tracks from the album. And I'm praying for Janelle to headline Montreal Jazz Fest this summer. Fingers crossed!

Photo credits:

mercredi 2 mars 2011

Black Magic Woman

I've recently fallen in love with Montreal-based Vanessa Moore's jewellery collection. Mixing chains with different gothic-inspired baubles, I find that her creations showcase a perfect balance between feminity and hard-edged attitude.

I purchased this bullet and pearl necklace last fall.

And just ordered today a rosary-inspired chain as a gift to a dear friend.

Other notables from Vanessa Moore's current collection include these skeletton key earrings.

And the secret bullet capsule necklace (a keepsake for secret messages that you want to hold close to your heart).

In addition to the designer's Etsy store, Vanessa Mooore's collection is available at a few retail locations in Montreal including Unicorn Boutique and Off the Hook.

mardi 1 mars 2011

Let me take you on a magic carpet ride

You might have heard the rumour of their resurgence a few months ago...
Well, I've got the confirmation: Turbans are back!

I've recently witnessed a few early adopters at Montreal Fashion week and it appears that the turban is the frontrunner to become this summer's official hair accessory. Since the Prada turbans depicted above are out of my budgetal considerations, I found more affordable options on Etsy, including this Gunmetal Dot Studded piece from Babooshka Boutique.

Can't wait to wear it at the beach this summer!
And at all the outdoor festivals...
And while hanging out on the mountain on Sunday afternoons...
And while I'm cruising on a Bixi on the way home at 3 AM...
Anyway, you get the idea - I'll wear it everyday!

Am I the only one jumping on the turban bandwagon?