vendredi 23 décembre 2011

Eat Cake

Wishing you a stylin' and surfin' b-day Frankie.
Just like Elle Fanning in this Rodarte photo.

Happy B-day!!

xx Mccc

Credits: Rodarte, Wehearit

jeudi 22 décembre 2011


I have a confession to make.

I've never been much of a Versace fan. I find most of the collections offered by the Italian fashion house to be too flashy, nouveau riche and borderline tacky - even more so since Donnatella took over the creative direction of the company after her brother's tragic passing. But then again I'm more of a Jil Sander kind of girl...

So much to my surprise, I loved Versace's collaboration with H&M.
I had the chance to check out a few pieces off the rack (or whatever was left of the collection) and was pleasantely surprised. The designs were absolutely Versace but somehow really fit with the H&M spirit. Great leather jackets, sequined party dresses, nice coats, palm-tree bomber jackets... Also, most clothes were rather easy to pull-off, even for a rather minimalist dresser like me.

I was happy to hear that Versace is collaborating once again with H&M, this time for a Cruise Collection that will be available online starting January 19th. The clothes are delightful.

Check out this super cute berry + beatles print.

mardi 20 décembre 2011

Best Friends Forever

I am still not over the stacked bracelets trend.

So much that friendship bracelets are some of the items that are topping my Christmas wishlist. They are so colourful, playful and quite affordable (feel free to make your own!).

First, let's stop by my new favourite online store, Shopbop.

Next, ASOS has a few options like this Bead Rhinestone Friendship Bracelet.

Orelia Tiny Bead Heart bracelet, also found on ASOS

Esty is literally filled with thousands of original, creative and often one of a kind options - some of which come very cheap!

WARHOL braided wrap around friendship bracelet from bymargaret

Yellow and Gold star from minniegrace

If you're panicking over last minute gifts, now you know where to go!


mardi 29 novembre 2011

Style inspiration: Drizzy

Which Toronto-born rapper was sitting at the top of the Billboard 200 Album Chart last week following the release of his sophomore LP "Take Care"?

Drake, of course!

Inspired by the style of the artist who's been playing on repeat at my house over the past few days, here are some tom-boyish looks to show you that you can look casually put together without looking like Sporty Spice.

Actually, I've wanted to showcase varsity jackets for a while and they seem to be part of Drizzy's uniform, so great timing!

Style inspiration: Drizzy

The outfit on the rights includes some of my favorite casual pieces: Rag & Bone varsity jacket, J Brand skinny jeans and Play by Comme des Garçons sneakers. Pair this with a Blue Jays cap and you're ready to cheer Canada's team at the Rogers Stadium next spring.

The outfit on the left is a little bit more rock and roll but still in line with Drizzy's clean and classic look. We're using a lot of neutral hues (black is probably Drake's favourite colour judging by the way he dresses) and classic, functional accessories as a reminder of the rapper's rather minimalist style. Wayfarers are a must. I chose 3.1 Philip Lim leather shorts instead of an aviator jacket, which could have been another Drizzy-approved option. The 2 shirts that I've selected have owls on them, a reference to the OVOXO mascot. One of them is even an awesome seasonal sweater (!!!), picked to mirror the rapper's look in the "Headlines" video.

Moreover, I completed both outfits with Burberry scarves because that's just the way Drake rolls in my mind.

jeudi 17 novembre 2011

Get Sorted

WARNING: Majorly geeky post ahead

The final installment of the Harry Potter Saga was released on DVD a few days ago and I'll take this opportunity to publish something I've been meaning to do for a while: A Polyvore inspired by the 4 Hogwarts Houses!! (I'm a total geek, I know.)

Have you ever wondered which House you belonged to? For us, at PopU, it's a no brainer - we don't need the Sorting Hat to tell us that we're in Ravenclaw.

So no need to wait any longer on Platform 3/4 - let's find out which Hogwarts House of Style you fit it.

Hogwarts House of Style : Gryffindor & Ravenclaw

Gryffindor: The Lion
Mixing Paige skinny jeans (I love that brand) and a funky Wild Fox long sleeve shirt, this is the most casual and sporty look of the 4 Houses, because you'll need to be comfy to haunt Horcruxes and wrestle mythical creatures. The Madewell backpack will come in handy to carry the Deathly Hallows in your quest against He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

Ravenclaw: The Eagle
Light but structured, feminine but hard-edged, Ravenclaw is all about contradictions that end up being more than meets the eye. Combining textures such as a see-through Alexander Wand chiffon dress, punky black leather Doc Martens, a single soft feather earring and an Alexander Wang (him again) bucket bag adorned with silver studs supports the aura of mystery that surrounds you. Wizards from other houses think that you spend your time day-dreaming but you know that being calm and observant of your environment will allow you to solve the trickiest puzzles and riddles when need be.

Hogwarts House of Style : Hufflepuff & Slytherin

Hufflepuff: The Badger
Gentle and kind, you are extremely likable and the life of the party. People want to be around you and enjoy your company. This is why I've put together the ideal socialite attire that will allow your true bubbly personnality to shine. Make a grand entrance with this Elizabeth and James fur coat. Show your style-savviness by mix high-end, timeless accessories such as this gray YSL Muse bag, Hermès cuff and Lanvin chain necklace with trendier pieces from high street retailers.

Slytherin: The Snake
Mastering the Dark Arts is a priority for you. Ksubi sunglasses and a deep green L'AGENCE cape will give you maximum coverage, in order to keep whatever shenanigans you're getting into under wraps. Reptile-inspired accessories remind your opponents of your snake charming capabilities. Do you speak parseltongue?

mardi 15 novembre 2011


How to survive Black Friday ? 

1.MAP IT !

Parking will be crazy and store crowded and messy in no time so you have to get there EARLY. Make sure to look at the opening hours since store will open way earlier than usual. Here is my Melrose/Hollywood Map.

=> Melrose avenue : only a "no tax" day in most of the little boutiques so don't spend too much time there => UO Melrose/Fairfax: usually they have HUGE discounts in the basement => THE GROVE (down Fairfax) : Anthropology, BBW, Zara and Victoria's Secret... => BEVERLY CENTER.

You won't be able to try on, unless you want to wait for 2 hours in line. Wear leggings and a white tank top so you can pretty much try on everything. You will need a big comfy bag to cary all this. My best bet:

Bring both ! Since there is always some kind of system breakdown on black friday.

4. HOLD IT : go to the Beverly Center the day before and put an hold on what you want. They know in advance the discounted price. On black friday you can just drop by and pick it up. No stress.

5. KNOW WHAT YOU WANT : Do your little scavenger hunt the week before so you know exactly what to look for.  Plus you can try on without having to wait in the humongous line.

6. INTERNET: ok so they don't have your size anymore ? No problem, most internet website have the same discount & you can start shopping at 12:01am ;)

mardi 8 novembre 2011

Hats off!

I've been in total denial lately about the inevitable: Winter is coming.

We've had the best fall weather so far, but Montreal meteological conditions are so unpredictable that who knows - I could wake up to 7 inches of snow tomorrow.

So no need to wait further, I'll need so warm clothes to cover up soon enough.

Thankfully, ASOS has plenty of toques, headbands, scarves and gloves to keep me warm over the cold winter months. So much that I don't know what to order! What should I pick?

I'm glad that the turban trend from last spring has evolved to now include winter options. Check out these great headbands and turbans.

Scarves and Snoods
I'm also torn between regular scarves and practical snoods.

These two pairs of gloves are great options: one casual and one dressier.

Forget it - I'm ordering everything!

Credits: First photo Rachel f, everything else from ASOS