jeudi 17 mars 2011

I'm with the band

Vintage rock t-shirts have been such a consistent trend over the past few years that they have become a wardrobe staple.

However, being a true music lover, here are some rules to wearing them:

1. It's called VINTAGE. So any t-shirt from a band that has released its debut album within the past fifteen years (that is 1996) is out of consideration. I don't care how much of a musical genius you consider Jack White to be, the White Stripes have not reached vintage status yet even if they're done.

2. Don't be a poseur. You need to own at least one album AND/OR know the lyrics to several songs AND/OR can name band members AND/OR have seen the band live. In other ways, you need to be knowledgeable of the band whose t-shirt you're sporting.

3. I know you're a big fan and know "Bed of Roses" by heart but anything Bon Jovi related should only be worn as pajamas.

4. Grateful Dead t-shirts are allowed but only within Vermont borders. Unless you're a hippie.

5. Bonus points if your t-shirt is second hand. Big bonus if it's an extremely rare tour t-shirt that your cool uncle purchased at a New Order show in London in 1983 and has since handed it down to you because it's important to "keep it in the family".

6. Vintage rock tees should not be purchased at mass market retail chains. Sorry H&M. e-Bay is the equivalent of Ali Ba Ba's cavern for music memorabilia. If you don't like to shop online, support your local rock n' roll shop. Plus, who wants to sport the same shirt that everyone in town will be wearing because it was on sale at Urban Outfitters?

Here are a few of my top picks. All from eBay.

Debbie Harry. The baddest chick in the game.

No explanations required.

Never been much of an Axl fan. Duff and Slash were my favs.

I <3 this album cover so much.

I actually own that one. My favourite t-shirt, I could wear it everyday.


When two geniuses meet.

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  1. Well, little Annie and I know the best spot in town to get them. Come over will show you... I sure think you gonna have a heart attack. Sell your car, you'll need some extra bucks ;)

    The coolest new trick is actually to make it yourself ;)... A straw, some javel and a pair of scissors and you are good to go :)