jeudi 20 octobre 2011

Desperately Seeking Sleeveless Denim Jackets

So, I've been reading everywhere that the 90's grunge look is back (actually, it has been in back for a while now)...

However, sleveless denim jackets are NOWHERE TO BE FOUND.
Where are they??????

I've been searching the web for them over the past couple of weeks (ok, months...) and it seems that no respectable label has gotten the memo on how awesome they are.
So please, lay off the chockers (yes, they're back... apparently... but more on that later) and BRING BACK SLEEVELESS DENIM JACKETS!!

I've searched through eBay and only 2 jackets managed to make the cut (only 2 out of the WHOLE eBay store!!!)

This 7 for all Mankind vest.

And this vintage Levi's piece.

I think it's time to quote Andre Leon Talley : "IT'S A FAMINE OF FASHION"

So I'm off to my neighbourhood Salvation Army store. Will probably have to resort to Plan B and make my own.

Until then, I'm totally jealous of Rihanna, who found a great one.

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