mardi 20 décembre 2011

Best Friends Forever

I am still not over the stacked bracelets trend.

So much that friendship bracelets are some of the items that are topping my Christmas wishlist. They are so colourful, playful and quite affordable (feel free to make your own!).

First, let's stop by my new favourite online store, Shopbop.

Next, ASOS has a few options like this Bead Rhinestone Friendship Bracelet.

Orelia Tiny Bead Heart bracelet, also found on ASOS

Esty is literally filled with thousands of original, creative and often one of a kind options - some of which come very cheap!

WARHOL braided wrap around friendship bracelet from bymargaret

Yellow and Gold star from minniegrace

If you're panicking over last minute gifts, now you know where to go!


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