mardi 3 juillet 2012

State of Unique

Unique SF was by far the coolest thing to do in rainy (no, this is not called mist) San Francisco last week end. 250 locals designers and artists gathered at the Concourse exhibition center. Tons of free drinks, food and other creative activity worth the 10$ entry.

Here are the free stuff to do (we love free stuff):

-DUY t-shirt, well you don't really get to do it yourself but at least you choose your size and design, plus, you get to see how it gets done.

Here Greg proudly wearing his:

-DUY jewels and note book:

-Free Hand-Job (yep) from KleanSpa:

-Free (amazing massage), offered by Toyota

-Free drinks from The Naked Grape Wine, Air, Blackstar Beer, IZZE, GT’s Kombucha, Activate, O.N.E Coconut Water and LUNA bar and Pop chips (they tried to hide the pop chips behind the DJ booth but I found them)

-Free braiding 

And a bunch of other stuff!!!

Popcorn unicorn had so much fun !!!

Proof ( here with Dolores from Soiyl, the best deal @ Unique SF)

After all that cool stuff we did last week end will be at Unique LA in Santa Monica on the 14th and 15th of July !!!

See you there!

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