dimanche 19 juin 2011

Soundtrack of the summer

Friday night.
Le National.

The crowd is pumped, eagerly awaiting for the newest indie pop phenomenon to take the stage...

Foster the People have literally sky-rocketed to the top of the charts since their summer hit "Pumped up kicks" hit the airwaves. All their North American shows are sold out and the Montreal leg of their current tour was no exception. Indeed, the reception has been so positive that the concert had moved from Club Lambi to Le National, a bigger venue than the one originally planned.

Not bad for a trio (they're supported with 2 other musicians during their live performances) who still had a residency in L.A.'s the Echo (a Popcorn Unicorn favourite - we talked about it here) every Wednesday last January.

The band, fronted by leader Mark Foster, played the integrity of their debut album "Torches" and one new song, delighting an audience that was already won over. A collection of up-tempo indie pop songs with a dash of electro, "Torches" debuted on the 8th spot of the Billboard Top 200 Music Albums Chart upon its release in late May.

The set list was rather short since Foster the People only have one album out, but we still had a great time. The guys delivered a tight set, which could have benefited from a little more interaction between band members on stage and between Mark Foster and the crowd. Hopefully, they'll build a little more stage presence as they grow in popularity.

Here are a few pictures of their performance - most are of frontman Mark Foster since the other guys stood at the back most of the time.

You'll also notice a some hands/arms waving in a few photos as I was standing next to 2 die-hard crazy fans who couldn't keep it together during the whole set (probably overwhelmed with the hotness emitting from band members - did I mention that all 3 guys are super cute?)

Here's a performance of the band's newest single "Helena Beat" on Jimmy Kimmel Live in support of their album release.

Jimmy Kimmel always showcases the best bands - I should watch more late night TV.

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