jeudi 2 juin 2011


Popcorn Unicorn recently spotted the Soul Machine himself, Cee-Lo Green, shooting his new music video at Ceasar's Palace in Vegas.

You may have discovered Cee-Lo only recently thanks to his infectious instant classic "F##k you" (or the radio-friendly "Forget you" version), but this artist has an amazing career that spans over 15 years. After starting out with Atlanta-based rap collective Goodie Mob, he launched a critically acclaimed solo career and later paired up with Danger Mouse to form soulful duo "Gnarls Barkley". You can also follow him every week on the singing competition "The Voice" that is currently airing on NBC.

The video for "I want you (Hold on to love)" was released this week.
The scene the crew was filming when this picture was taken starts at 0:58.

Interesting to see the final product!

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