mercredi 13 avril 2011

Rooted in Tradition

I've always been fascinated by the symbolism used in different cultures.

I like how peoples use everyday objects or some components of the flora and fauna to represent mindsets that are meaningful to them or to reminisce about the events or the individuals who impacted their lives significantly. That explains why half of the electives that I took at Concordia while pursuing my Commerce degree were related to religious studies!

Hence, it's no surprise that I am naturally drawn to traditional tattoos.

I like the stories behind their symbolism, as well as the heritage that is associated with this form of body art. I also enjoy understanding where those symbols come from, as they were used over time by members of a subculture to express a particular lifestyle or state of mind inherent to that community.

Here's today's selection. All pictures from WeHeartIt

I <3 Nautical Themes.
So much.

Tattoos inspired by la Santa Muerte are also among my favourites.
I appreciate the dichotomy in their execution: bold colours and exuberant style opposed to macabre skulls and bones.

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