mercredi 20 avril 2011

(sugar) Overdose

While one half of Popcorn Unicorn was getting her groove on at Coachella this weekend (sooo jealous), I, the other half, travelled to an equally glamorous (I wish)destination set in a pastoral setting: the Sugar Shack.

For our international readers, here's an instructional video on what this Québec tradition is all about. It's actually not too far from reality, taking aside the pet wolf and the crazy Santa-lookalike lumberjack. In a nutshell, we, Québécois, pretty much drive down to the muddy forest once a year to feast on a gargantuan meal that includes a mix of the fattiest and sweetest dishes you can imagine.

Here's what my trip to the Sugar Shack involved.

Befriending 4-legged creatures.
Alive and deceased.

Toasting with Kool-Aid (delicious but incredibly ghetto).

Pigging out. Pea soup is my all-time favorite.

And since we, at Popcorn Unicorn, always travel in style, I've put together the perfect Sugar Shack look.

- Plaid shirts are a must.
- I've also included 2 pairs of boots on purpose. One set of Loeffler Randall rubber boots to walk in the mud and to ride on the carriage. One set of Opening Ceremony suede wedge booties to line dance.
- Finally, I've thrown in a compass on a chain to avoid getting lost after having wandered in the woods to drink maple water right from the bucket.

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