lundi 18 avril 2011

Coachella Oasis Party Goodiesss.... or Vaclaz Klaus dream party

I had the chance to attend this year again the Coachella Oasis Beach Party, paradise of the free goodies.

   Such a shame that the Czech president wasn't invited but still some celebrities were present (Paris, Bradley Coopers...) The crowd wasn't as good looking as last year ( my guy friends told me ) but there were lots of fun stuff going on. Dancing on the grass under a cloudless star sky is always exciting.

  We all enjoyed  the open bar all three days which was serving Red Bull ( and sugar free ;) ), as well as the new Hint water, sliders by STK, cotton candy, Larabar, Cabo Chips and some other popsicles to avoid sun stroke... and the most important of all, my favorite NO HO shots ( no hang over) which works wonderfully.

Here are some pics of all the goodies I got without even running to find some...

The  3 days ended on a good note with Roger Sanchez energy spinning:

It's fair to say that I just can't wait for next year :)

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