dimanche 10 avril 2011

MC in Wonderland

If you could create your very own imaginary world, what would it be?

Elgarboart Esty store offers a collection of photographs that truly depict how I would like my own surreal universe to look like.

The luminous landscapes and pastel colours convey an airy, light and soft atmosphere that really speaks to me.

I've always found carnival rides to be quite magical.

Americana-inspired architecture and pannels make me dream of escape, travel and fun.

Oh and Frankie, I did not forget you. There will also be beach activities in my Wonderland!

And here's the soundtrack to my fantasy world. I'm currently totally obsessed with this song! It fits with every frame above.

I think we got ourselves the first anthem to the Summer of '11!

UPDATE: OMG!!! just found out that they're playing at Club Lambi in Montreal on June 17th. I'm sooo going. Frankie, you should check them out at Coachella this weekend and give me a review in advance since they'll be there as well.

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