mardi 15 novembre 2011


How to survive Black Friday ? 

1.MAP IT !

Parking will be crazy and store crowded and messy in no time so you have to get there EARLY. Make sure to look at the opening hours since store will open way earlier than usual. Here is my Melrose/Hollywood Map.

=> Melrose avenue : only a "no tax" day in most of the little boutiques so don't spend too much time there => UO Melrose/Fairfax: usually they have HUGE discounts in the basement => THE GROVE (down Fairfax) : Anthropology, BBW, Zara and Victoria's Secret... => BEVERLY CENTER.

You won't be able to try on, unless you want to wait for 2 hours in line. Wear leggings and a white tank top so you can pretty much try on everything. You will need a big comfy bag to cary all this. My best bet:

Bring both ! Since there is always some kind of system breakdown on black friday.

4. HOLD IT : go to the Beverly Center the day before and put an hold on what you want. They know in advance the discounted price. On black friday you can just drop by and pick it up. No stress.

5. KNOW WHAT YOU WANT : Do your little scavenger hunt the week before so you know exactly what to look for.  Plus you can try on without having to wait in the humongous line.

6. INTERNET: ok so they don't have your size anymore ? No problem, most internet website have the same discount & you can start shopping at 12:01am ;)

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