mardi 8 novembre 2011

Hats off!

I've been in total denial lately about the inevitable: Winter is coming.

We've had the best fall weather so far, but Montreal meteological conditions are so unpredictable that who knows - I could wake up to 7 inches of snow tomorrow.

So no need to wait further, I'll need so warm clothes to cover up soon enough.

Thankfully, ASOS has plenty of toques, headbands, scarves and gloves to keep me warm over the cold winter months. So much that I don't know what to order! What should I pick?

I'm glad that the turban trend from last spring has evolved to now include winter options. Check out these great headbands and turbans.

Scarves and Snoods
I'm also torn between regular scarves and practical snoods.

These two pairs of gloves are great options: one casual and one dressier.

Forget it - I'm ordering everything!

Credits: First photo Rachel f, everything else from ASOS

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