mardi 29 novembre 2011

Style inspiration: Drizzy

Which Toronto-born rapper was sitting at the top of the Billboard 200 Album Chart last week following the release of his sophomore LP "Take Care"?

Drake, of course!

Inspired by the style of the artist who's been playing on repeat at my house over the past few days, here are some tom-boyish looks to show you that you can look casually put together without looking like Sporty Spice.

Actually, I've wanted to showcase varsity jackets for a while and they seem to be part of Drizzy's uniform, so great timing!

Style inspiration: Drizzy

The outfit on the rights includes some of my favorite casual pieces: Rag & Bone varsity jacket, J Brand skinny jeans and Play by Comme des Garçons sneakers. Pair this with a Blue Jays cap and you're ready to cheer Canada's team at the Rogers Stadium next spring.

The outfit on the left is a little bit more rock and roll but still in line with Drizzy's clean and classic look. We're using a lot of neutral hues (black is probably Drake's favourite colour judging by the way he dresses) and classic, functional accessories as a reminder of the rapper's rather minimalist style. Wayfarers are a must. I chose 3.1 Philip Lim leather shorts instead of an aviator jacket, which could have been another Drizzy-approved option. The 2 shirts that I've selected have owls on them, a reference to the OVOXO mascot. One of them is even an awesome seasonal sweater (!!!), picked to mirror the rapper's look in the "Headlines" video.

Moreover, I completed both outfits with Burberry scarves because that's just the way Drake rolls in my mind.

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