lundi 2 mai 2011

Psychedelic dreams

As some of you know, one of my favorite hobbies is to go to shows.
If there's live music, count me in. (ok, I don't like heavy metal too much though...)

I'm totally looking forward to Spring and Summer in Montreal, since so many shows from bands that I like have been announced. I'm planning to post here about the shows that I attend. I've already started with my Black Lips review, now is the time to talk about the Toro y Moi show that I checked out a few days ago at Sala Rossa.

Chazwick Bundick was in town to support his sophomore relase, "Underneath the Pine" - which I only had time to listen to briefly so far.

I must say that the show was rather short, with minimal interaction with the crowd. I guess Mr. Bundick and his band consider themselves to be musicians rather than showmen. Overall, I just believe that this type of music is not the most suitable for the live format, I'd rather listen to it at home. I don't regret going to the show, I had a good time for a mere 14$... but let's just say that I would not classify this in my most memorable concert moments.

Here's the video for "Talamak" from Toro y Moi's debut "Causers of This". I really like that record's title track as well, but there's not video for it unfortunately.

5 commentaires:

  1. Well, I guess it was better than the Dirty Beaches at the Echo, no ?

  2. Dirty Beaches was the worst concert ever.
    No wonder with got sh*t-faced, we couldn't stand the pain of our ears bleeding because of that awful performance. I'm doing a blog post on this traumatic experience later this week.

  3. I think I go sh*t-faced for another reason - the rainbow was hitting to hard-but my ears were definitely bleeding as well. Good thing I bought the Bell Gardens vinyl which helped to put my eardrum back on track.

  4. That rainbow felt more like acid rain!