lundi 9 mai 2011

Not for the colorblind

Color blocking is a trend that has set the fashion world abuzz this spring.

Jil Sander

Marc Jacobs

Diane Von Furstenberg

Christopher Kane


It's everywhere. Runways, editorials, fashion blogs... except on the streets.
I have yet to witness anyone embracing it whole-heartedly this season in Montreal.

I personnally find it hard to pull off and prefer to stay in my confort zone with a wardrobe that mostly consists of dark hues mixed with a bit of white and pastels.

And I now understand how hesitant people have been to adopt it so far.
Take a look at the epic sartorial failure that is Cheryl Cole's outfit from last weekend's inaugural X-Factor auditions. It's simply horrendous. Don't these people have stylists?

So if you want to slowly adopt to color blocking trend but don't really know where to start, I'm recommending you to go the safe route: matching colors on wheels instead of on yourself.

It's a sure shot, you'll definitely make heads turn.

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