mardi 10 mai 2011

10 reasons not to miss Unique LA

Last weekend was the third largest independent design show in the country at the California Market in Los Angeles. With over 300 hand-selected independent designers and artists I was expecting a great deals of novelty. I have to admit that I was disappointed by the redundancy of the products and art crafts exhibited. Most of it could have been found on Melrose or at the Sunday Fairfax flea market. But still I had a great time and I found 10 great reasons not to miss the next event which will take place in June... here we go:

the Loundge

1- The abundance of free sweets, cupcakes, brownies and cookies, Diabetics keep out !

2- The free booze sponsored by Hendrick's cocktail and Bear Flag wine.

3- THe free DIY crafts 

4-The Photo Booth

5- The free Popchips and drinks (IZZE, Honest Tea, Bear Flag wine and Numi Tea)
6-The amazing work of  Liz Huston

7- The jewels from OH HELLO FRIEND

8- The personalized flask from Diana Hetellez

9- The crowd

10- To help the new LA designers to survive and create

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  1. Great post - Love the flask.
    I'm craving S'mores cupcakes now!